For each product, each position, each fabric, we must choose the right fusible or non fusible interlining, in addition to the designer’s intention. This is an important stage, deciding the quality and shape of the product when completed.

To get a perfect semi-finished production depends on the following factors:

  • Analysis of composition, fabric structure
  • Choose the right interlining for the fabric
  • The right temperature
  • Suitable pressure
  • Satisfactory time
  • Finished products must have good adhesion, tested by manual tensile test or tensile testing machine.

In addition, the product is also tested for washing or chemical resistance if required.

After the overall testing process, we will provide finished product samples meeting the quality requirements, together with specifications on temperature, pressure, and usage time to serve the production process of customers. In addition, we also provide technical support, if there are any problems or questions in the production process, we will have the technical staff to support the customer factory, to ensure the progress and quality of customers.


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